Gulshan went on the quest to save mother earth

Gulshan Grover getting into a house to check leaking taps for promo event of film Zor Lagaa Ke haiya.JPGSunday March 22 was World Water Day and since his forthcoming film ‘Zor Lagaa ke…. Haiya’ with Mithun Chakraborty, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ria Sen and Gulshan Grover deals with the issue of environment in tongue in cheek comical manner, the bad man Gulshan Grover decided to educate the Aam Aadmi about the importance of water and tree.

So, Gulshan Grover along with Producer Kartikeya Talreja, director Girish Girija Joshi and the four child artiste Megan, Ayesha Kaduskar, Hardik Thakkar and Ritvik Tyagi went into homes of people with a group of plumbers, rang the bell and then asked “do you have a leaking tap in your house.” And if the answer is yes then plumber fixed the tap while artistes educated them about the importance of saving water and trees. Tips were on how to use water sparsely and how to use the waste water for watering the plants because plants in the end generate water.

Producer Kartikeya Talreja, D. Girija Girish, Ritvik Tyagi, Gulshan Grover, Hardik Thakkar &Megan for promo event of film Zor Lagaa Ke haiya.JPGGulshan Grover getting into a house to check leaking taps for promo event of film Zor Lagaa Ke haiya.JPG

Says the producer Kartikeya Talreja, “my film is about entertainment, fun and action, but at the same time we are also trying to let people know the value of our natural heritage. Children and the vagabond together find solace in their tree house and treat it as an extended family. And when a builder tries to cut it, they try to save it.”

‘Zor Lagaa ke…. Haiya’, written and directed by Girish Joshi is about a group of children, who treat one tree as their home and play ground. A money-minded construction giant and his contractor want to raze the tree to build a multi storied building over there. With the help of a homeless beggar, they try to save their tree from being razed.


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