Handcuffed and Helpless Neil and Manoj Shown The Way By Mugdha

On Tuesday evening when Neil Nitin Mukesh, Manoj Bajpai and Madhur Bhandarkar walked the ramp for designer Renu Tandon in Delhi dressed as jailbirds, along with Mudga Godse, they felt like nervous novices.

“We all forgot we were senior to Mugdha. She was the queen of the ramp much before I made Fashion,”

chuckled Madhur Bhandarkar.

Mugdha Godse at DW TV press meet in Taj on 24th March 2009 (4)
Mugdha Godse at DW TV press meet in Taj on 24th March 2009 (4)

Dressed as designer-jailbirds the trio of men was so nervous they almost didn’t make it to the ramp at the last minute.

It was Mugdha who dragged Manoj, Madhur and Mukesh Jr. to the ramp.

“Mugdha took charge of us. She almost mothered us on the ramp. We followed her blindly. I don’t think we’d have managed to walk two steps if she wasn’t there with us,”

says the Fashion director.

Manoj and Neil wore real handcuffs bought from a theatre company in Delhi with an actual lock and key.

“So not only were Manoj and Neil petrified their hand were also completely restricted. Like I said Mugdha led the way on the ramp,”

said Madhur.

— By Subhash K Jha


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