Harishchandrachi Factory director struggling to get US visa

The US Consulate in Mumbai has troubled director Paresh Mokashi. The director, whose film Harishchandrachi Factory, was chosen as India’s entry to the Oscars, is unable to get a US visa as the Consulate is unaware of his credentials and identity.

Mokashi is supposed to be in Los Angeles from November 2 to promote his film but he is still waiting for a visa. He states the reason this is happening is because he is not very famous and also because he did not have any documents to prove that he made a film which was sent to the Oscars. The only documents that prove this are with UTV.

Since he has never been to the US, he had no idea as to how things work. However, UTV has stepped in to submit the required documents.

Mokashi needs to be in the US for 25 days to promote his film for the Oscars. He then needs to be back for the film’s India release. He will then return to the US and stay there until the Oscars.


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