Holi by Celebrities

How are you going to celebrate Holi this year?
Can you recall your best and worst Holi memories?
Which is your fav Holi song?

Veebha Anand:
I will celebrate holi this year with my friends we all friends are planning to go to Water Park and enjoy.

My best holi was this year on the set of Balika Vadhu. We played with the director, the camera man and the entire team

Favourite holi song: Rang Barse

Sneha Wagh:
This year I won’t play holi since I have played so much of holi on the set of jyoti.

I seriously don’t remember the best or worst Holi I played as I don’t play it much. But again playing the Holi at the Jyoti’s set was fun.

Favourite song: offcourse Range Barse and the song from the movie Sholay: holi ke din dil kil jate hai rango me rang mil jate hai…

Anoup Sonie:
This year I will be out of town and shooting in Punjab so no Holi for me.

All my Holi experiences have been pretty good. I just love this festival of colours.

The worst I can remember is the one when I was shooting the whole night before Rang Panchmi and the next day when I woke up my friends and relatives had finished playing it. I was very disappointed on that moment.

Favourite holi song from the movie: Kam chore – maal de gulal

Sriti Jha:
I will be shooting on the day of Holi and would be playing Holi on the sets.

I can recall my best Holi being played at the age of 10 when I played it for the first time.

Favourite Holi song: Sholay…Holi ke din dil kil jate hai rango me rang mil jate hai

Anand Suryavanshi:
I have already played a lot of Holi on the sets and I am tired playing it now. Might be on Holi day we all friends will gather and play Holi at my place.

2 years back I had gone to my friends place to play Holi and that was the holi which I enjoyed the most

Favourite Holi song : Rang Barse…from Silsilla

Neha Marda:
I will be going to my place in Calcutta and have lots of sweets and in the evening. We have the traditional ceremony where all the family members gather together and say our prayers and latter take blessing from our elders before playing with colours.

Best holi was when my brother got married last year. That was a few days before Holi and on the Holi day we all played Holi with my Bhabhi and my brother. Since my bhabhi was a new member of our family, we enjoyed playing Holi the most that year

Favouritre holi: Do me a favour lets play Holi…

Smita Bansal:
I am luckily not shooting this year so will be playing Holi with my family.

Best Holi was before my marriage when we all friends played Holi together and it was lovely time. We even tried having bhang.

Worst holi was when I was in 4 standard and one of the kid from my locality put Tar on my head. I had pretty long hair and I had to cut my hair and make it short.

Favourite holi song: Saath rang mein khal rahi hai dil walo ki toli…

Shaleen Bhanot:
This year I am at my home town in Jabalpur and will enjoy playing Holi with 6000 people with lot of Dhoom dhamaka. Post winning Nache baliye, this is the first time I have come to my home town.

This year will be my best holi. I would be having a blast.

Celebration like Holi cannot be worst.

Favourite Holi song : Holi khele ragu veera avadh mein…


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