Hook Ya Crook a copy of Adam Sandlers comedy The Longest Yard?

David Dhawan after facing the wrath of Hollywood studios for ripping of Will Smith’s Hitch as Partner doesn’t seem to have learnt his lesson. He is at it again Thats copying a Hollywood film and making its Bollywood version, unofficially of course. His coming flick being produced by UTV and starring John Abraham has more than striking similarities to Adam Sandler starrer The Longest Yard.

The plot we have been told of Hook Ya Crook is – John Abraham plays Viraj Pradhan, a boy with unlimited passion for the game of cricket who aspires to play for the Indian Team one day. Alas, it seems like his dream will never be realised when he is sentenced to a maximum security prison due to his reckless behaviour. At the prison, he discovers that the dangerous inmates are as passionate about the game as him and soon he is in huge demand, thanks to his talent. With his new ragtag group of friends, a tyrannical warden and his never-ending lust for the game, Viraj renews his search for a way to achieve his dream of playing cricket for India.

Now check the plot of The Longest Yard – Paul (Adam Sandler) is an ex-NFL player who is disgraced for match fixing in a big game. He fights with his rich girlfriend Lena, played by Courtney Cox, and goes on a reckless, drunk drive throughout San Diego, smashing his car and several police cars. As a result, he is arrested by the police on multiple charges. While in jail, the warden who knows about Paul’s athletic skills asks him to assemble a football team of convicts so that their team of inmates can defeat the team of the sadistic guards of the jail. An old convict and a coach help Paul to get back in form and he readies the team to play against the guards.

Now David Dhawan displaying either his lack of creativity or plain laziness seems to have gone a step further and copied the poster design of The Longest Yard as well. The poster of The Longest Yard has an American football in cuffed hands while the poster of Hook Ya Crook shows a cricket ball in cuffed hands. No wonder Dhawan has been given the title of Sultan of Nonsense.


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