‘I am too young to marry’ says Additti Gupta

Additi Gupta aka Heer of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil expresses her feelings about marriage and success.

How is Additi apart from screen?

Hmm, I am very bubbly kind of girl who always like to do masti and fun out of everything. But along side I’m also an emotional girl who gets hurt easily if any one abuses. I just hate those people. It’s very difficult to describe my self in one or more words; actually explaining me in words is not possible. I was doing fashion designing form Symbiosis (Pune) which I could not complete as I have to arrive here for the serial.

What are your views about friendship?

Aditi Gupta at Star Pariwar Awards on May 17th 2008(2)
Aditi Gupta at Star Pariwar Awards on May 17th 2008(2)

Truly speaking I am very good friend. To tell you, if ever I do friendship with a particular person and becomes their good friend then I am ready to die for them. Friends are my staple without whom I am incomplete. My parents too are my best friends and I would like to describe my parents as ‘sweet couple’.

Which is your unforgettable moment of life?

Well, I have so many unforgettable moments but in particular I don’t have any because as we grow we make our own memories. At each stage of life we had something or the other memory which is very close to our heart, so I have such many memories which are very close to my heart. Thus, I can’t tell my one unforgettable memory of life.

How were your school and college days?

Compared to school and the work which I do now that is acting, my college days were amazing. We had a fun time in school too, but college was wonderful. While working we had fun but after all its work and during school and college there was no burden on us, so we friends use to loiter around the college and had fun.

How was your journey towards success?

Journey towards so called success was nice. Instead of nice I would like to say it ‘unexpected’. It was really very surprising to get into a show like Kis Desh… and that too in Balaji Telefilms. The most unexpected thing was that they selected me for the lead role of the show, which was really amazing for me. I felt as the luckiest person of the world but the journey is still going on

What are your plans for marriage?

Ohh my god! I am too young to marry. I just crossed 21 of my age. Till now “Delhi bahut door hai”. I have long way to go. But definitely I am not planning it at this point of time. Still I can’t take my own decisions and thus will take a bit long for tying the knot as for now I want to concentrate on my career and family.

Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media


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