I know he’s coming back to me at night

I’ve purposely ignored all the speculations about my relationship with John all this while. Too paraphrase Shaw, reports of its demise are vastly exaggerated. I have avoided commenting on this, despite a variety of insulting, ridiculous and downright laughable suggestions.

If the media is to be believed, John apparently has no consistent taste in women, so he chases every woman that the media finds available. If half of their insecurities for me were true, I would be a nervous wreck. I’m also aware that our continued togetherness doesn’t sell newspapers. Our real and imagined miseries do.

John and BipashaHowever, I feel I need to make a few things clear. I guess celebrity relationships have always been under scrutiny and nothing will change in a long time. So here’s my piece.

John is not my business partner. We are not together for the convenience of advertisers. We are a couple and that is why they ask us to endorse their products – as a couple. He is very focused. Likes to the marketing task before fitting himself, and us, into them. I like that.

I know how serious John is, about his work. And that means he spends very little of his energy chasing short term relationships. In fact, I rarely call him at work. I’m not a phone person. John does most of the calling. And if he doesn’t, I know he’s working.

John has never had just a fleeting interest in anything. Not his bikes, his business ventures, his endorsements or his relationships. Either he’s totally engrossed in them, or he’s not. So ladies, despite what I may read in the papers in the morning, I know he’s coming back to me at night.

The above column is a part of Bipasha’s diary from her official website.



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