I thought there is nothing bold and challenging for me to do next than to do ‘Maaya 2’ says Krishna Bhatt

Director Krishna Bhatt who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming web series ‘Maaya 2’ has said that there is nothing bold and challenging for her to do next than to do ‘Maaya 2’.

Krishna Bhatt was interacting with media at the launch of ‘Maaya 2’ along with Vikram Bhatt, Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani on Tuesday in Mumbai.

When asked Krisha what prompted her to direct ‘Maaya 2’, she said, “When I heard the idea of making web series on lesbian love-stories, I was blown as I wasn’t sure whether we will be able to make web series of it and will audience will be able to accept it but when I gave 10 minutes of thought to it and I thought there was no better than this to tell because we have watched lots of rom-com stories and we have made lot of jokes on LGBT community. We have made fun and frolic stories on them but there is never been a sensitive love-story about two people in love who are women so, I thought there is nothing bold and challenging for me to do next than to do ‘Maaya 2’.

When asked Vikram Bhatt how he influenced to make lesbian love stories as normally he is known for exploring horror genre, he said, “I don’t know what should I do as I have been known for making horror film only but if you see our app ‘VB On the Web’ then you will realize, we haven’t explored horror genre on it.

‘Untouchables’ was court-room drama. We have made two seasons of ‘Maaya’ and two seasons of ‘Twisted’ so, as a director, I might be interested in making horror films but on my app, we give opportunity to directors to make different kind of stuff so each of them has different interests and I feel we have created app for all kind of audience and not for a specific section of audience”

Revolving around two main characters Simmi and Ruhi, Maaya is the story of acceptance of one’s sexuality. Starring two reputable television faces, Leena Jumani from Kumkum Bhagya and Priyal Gor, the story revolves around Simmi who’s a closeted lesbian woman engaged to a man hiding away from her truth and Ruhi, a far more liberal out of the closet girl.

The two discover love, acceptance and a desire to be who they truly are in the brand new season of Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya 2, directed by his daughter, Krishna Bhatt.

The second season of the show will premiere on VB on the Web on 30th May.


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