I Want To Create A Difference In The Lives Of Masses Via Films Says Neeraj Sharma

Content based movies that deal with social and societal problems are always welcomed by the audience. Any film that gives a message to the youth is always given thumbs up! One such film that will deal with the problem of drug addiction along with depressive tendencies will be released later this year titled as ‘Nassebaaz’. The producer of the film Neeraj Sharma spoke to News Helpline about the film, the idea behind it and much more.

Talking about why he chose this subject for his film, he said, “I always wanted to bring some change in the society. I want to create a difference in the lives of masses through films. This film will surely bring that change in the mindset of people.”
He further added, “I met the team and thought this is the right time to bring the change. I am established now and I can experiment with my work and set an example for people.”
Talking about his future plans, he said, “I want to help the state of Uttarakhand to grow. Whatever it deserves, it should get it. I want people to get acknowledgement of their work. Every struggling artist and technician should get a chance”
The film Nassebaaz deals with such an important topic in today’s time. When asked if it should be made tax free, he said, “This film should definitely be made tax free by the government as it will showcase such a sensitive subject. Everyone should watch the film to see how drugs can ruin your life.”
Nassebaaz film is directed by Gabriel Vats and stars Sanjay Mishra, Manoj Bakshi, Govind Namdeo among others. The film will be ready for a release by September 2021.