IMPAA Gen Secretary Anil Nagrath kicked out of position

Indian Motion Producers Association (IMPAA) General Secretary Anil Nagrath has been forced to resign from his seat for misusing his position.

nil Nagrath, Shyam Shroff at the celebration of Anil Nagrath_s 25 years in Bollywood in Time and Again on 16th Jan 2009 (29).JPGSources within IMPAA revealed, “Nagrath worked as a General Secretary but unfortunately he never helped the IMPPA members. He was a dishonest man and did not follow his duties rightly. He was being paid a whopping Rs. 75000 per month as salary by the Association plus daily Rs. 250 as conveyance for just his half an hour visit to the IMPAA office in Bandra. But Nagrath never showed any genuine concern for the members with grievances. All those producers who came to him to solve their problems never got their problems solved and IMPAA often lost their cases in the court of law.”

The reason, sources further revealed was, “Nagrath use to do that on purpose becausehe had opened a personal appellate at his own office situated at Oshiwara, Mhada in Versova. Here he tried to resolve the issues of the producers at a personal level. For this he again used to charge them a huge amount. So by solving cases at his personal office he was not attending to the grieving producers at IMPAA.

Fed up with the atrocities of Anil Nagrath the executive members of the IMPAA Association finally decided to have a meeting and oust him out of the Association.”

The source further adds, “When Anil Nagrath came to know about the meeting to be held on Friday afternoon, he started making frantic calls to the executive members in order to convince them in order to support him in the meeting. But out of the thirty members almost all were against him. Finally the Nagrath had no choice but resign as per their order.”


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