India is growing with the development of sports facilities for children says Rahul Bose

Rahul Bose says India is growing with the development of sports facilities for children.

Rahul interacted with media at the Inauguration of an art exhibition titled, ‘Breaking Barriers’ on Tuesday.

As a sportsman himself and a great supporter of the development of sports facilities in the country, when asked Rahul about the charitable efforts taken at the Art Exhibition, he said, “The exhibition is contributing to the NGO Khel Shaala. The Punjab based NGO is doing is great work for underprivileged boys and girls. They safeguard the kids from going towards drugs by giving them the options to devote their energy and time to. With classes for academics, sports, yoga classes they are given a chance at a better future.

There are many NGO’s in different states like Orrisa that are also doing this. There is Magic Bus, Recently I have been noticing with the medium of sports these NGO’s are giving an opportunity to the underprivileged kids to grow and live a better life. This is a very welcome change. Who would have thought 20 years ago that the country can be developed only with help of developing opportunities for sports.” he added.

‘Breaking Barriers’ was held as a charitable exhibition held by three NGO’s on Tuesday. The exhibition saw horse sculpture from 30 leading Indian artists.

Actor Rahul Bose was seen in a new look at the event when asked if he is prepping for a new role, he revealed, “I have started working for the Netflix prequel of ‘Bahubali The Begining.’, so I have to maintain this new look. I didn’t want to wear a fake beard so this will be my look for the next few months.”

Rahul was last seen in a Tamila nd Hindi release titiled, ‘Vishwaroopam II’ along side, Kamal Haasan


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