“Intention is not to make a New Indian James bond.” Sidharth Malhotra

On Friday at a special preview of the film ‘A GentlemenSidharth Malhotra spoke to a reporter , “Our Intention is not to make a new Indian James bond in this film, but when it comes to a gentleman, he is a man who takes action, who takes control and does the right thing.”

When asked about their casting choice, the directors’ Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK answered, “Sidharth and Jacky were our first choice. I don’t think we even thought of approaching anyone else.”

Raj further added, “For negative role we approach Sunil Shetty. We were excited to work with him and introduce him in his very new look and style.”

When asked if Raj and DK had any disagreements during shoots Raj Nidimoru answered, “We have disagreements, but we have worked together for so long it’s rare. We always work on the story and the script together with all the dialogues included, so when we are working on that half of our directing is done there. We know what the shots are and we know exactly what we want. We also edit sometimes which we do together. So I think disagreements are very local and rare.”

Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez at Special Preview Of The Movie A Gentleman on 7th July 2017

When asked if the Characters are twins like Varun Dhawan’s Judwa 2 Sidhrath said, “It’s not a typical double role film, you will be able to see two different shades of a guy. One is living like Gentlemen and one isn’t. There is a different story to it.”

DK and Raj further added “There are also two more double role based films in making.”

When asked if there are any other genres Raj and DK want to introduce to the industry like they did worked on Go Goa Gone, “We hadn’t attempted action before. This kind of action is different then Go Goa Gone, they were just killing dead people that’s not action. This was on one of our list; we have a list of genres we want to work on. We have done comedy shades, like horror comedy with Go Goa Gone and now A Gentleman is proper action, with some quirky comedy.”

When asked about the films relation to Bang Bang, Raj answered, “We wanted to make sure it was understood this film isn’t related to Bang Bang. This was written as a separate and a unique film about a nice guy. It was always about a guy, like a Gentle-Man with a quirky side.”

A Gentleman directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK starring Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez as lead and Sunil Shetty in a negative role is set to release in August 2017.