Interview with Parvati Balagopalan

“But Pinu is not Gay”-Parvati Balagopalan. These days “gay” is the hot issue for the directors and producers to make film on. Whom so ever you see is now days wants to make film so the same. A similar kind of film is going to be released –“Straight-Ek Tedi Medi Love Story “This film is by IDreams Production, it is directed by Parvati Balagopalan. Before this Parvati directed “Rules pyar ka Super Hit Formula” also she worked as asst. director with Ketan Mehta for his “Maya Mam Sahab” and Oh! Darling yeh hai India”.

Parvati Balagopalan at Straight Film music launch in Blue Frog on 10th March 2009 (36).JPGShe has also worked as asst. Script writer in TV serial “Maal goori days”. Parvati’s latest film “Straight” has Vinay Pathak, Gulpanag, Arjun Chaudhary, Ketaki Dave, Rasik Dave etc. And the music is given by Sagar Desai. Recently we that a conversation with her on her film “Straight” here is few thought that she expressed-
• Is your film made to “Gay Issue” what is the story of the film?
Not at all, gay is not the issue of my film. Pinnakin Patel aka pinu runs a restaurant he is a 40 yrs. Old bachelor, till date is not in a relation with any girl. A girl and boy which are his employ fall in love and then he started having the doubt that is he a “Gay”

• Is there anything new in the film which the audience will like to watch?
With film is good, audience will resemble themselves with Pinu’s Charcter, will be sad when he is sad, enjoy and will feel this feelings. And also will laugh on his deeds.

• Any specific reasons to take Vinay Pathak and Gulpanag in Your film?
When I first thought about the film the first name that came to my mind was Vinay and same I can say in case of Gulpanag. They play a very different character in the film.Gul has not played any such character like Renu earlier. She is a great actress and also director’s actress that means that she just gives the best which director require.

• Films also have few bold scenes too between Vinay and Gulpanag?
Ya there are!!Because the topic of the film is bold but there is nothing that audience will not like. It is as per the requirement of the story. As it is the film is for adult not for babies. The film has love, comedy everything.

• Rules and Straight both films are on offbeat films?
I always want to give films which are different. I want to make films on stories and subjects which are usually not being made upon.


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