Irrfan gets another international project.

Irrfan Khan at Acid Factory press meet in  ITC Grand Maratha on May 17th 2008(2).JPGAfter ‘The Namesake’, ‘The Mighty Heart’ and the biggest recent craze- ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, Irrfan Khan is set to go global again. The Slumdog Millionaire (SM) producers – Fox-Searchlight reportedly wants to make a film with Irrfan in the lead.

Irrfan has confirmed, “The studio head Peter Rice came to me and said he’d now like to make a film with me in the lead. Do you know Peter Rice is responsible for the film’s release? Otherwise it was going straight into a DVD release. Danny Boyle was in a panic mode and was ready to take the DVD offer. But the makers decided to take the film to Toronto and show it to Fox-Searchlight. They chased me all over the world to get some lines re-done, took the film to Toronto. Luckily, Fox-Searchlight loved SM.”

Irrfan Khan at the music launch of Slumdog Millionaire in JW Marriot on 6th Jan 2009 (2).JPGHe thanks destiny for the Slumdog craze.

He’s said, “Look at destiny. Look at the kids! We’re going to see much more Bollywood-Hollywood collaborations in future. We never doubted that Slumdog Millionaire would get the Oscars. The minute we stepped on to the red carpet at the Kodak theatre they were shouting our names. The mood was, how could you not give this film the Oscars? Our producers Fox -Searchlight were really anxious. They got the Best Film Oscar after 40 years. I think the kids in SM did the trick. They won over the global audiences’ hearts. We grown-up actors were the bonus.”

The reception in Mumbai also pleased him no end.

He’s stated, “When we landed we had no idea what crowds were waiting for us until we were told it was difficult for us to step outside. We had leave in a police van. I felt like the bridegroom at a baraat. It was so moving. The reception I got at the Mumbai airport was equal to any Oscar.”

Bieng selected by Forbes magazine as one of the 6 Bollywood faces that have made an impact in Hollywood is another high too.

He’s added, “That was news to me, and very pleasant news at that. I’ve waited long for this recognition. I became a recognizable name abroad after The Namesake. But I wish it had happened after Warrior. In the truest sense it changed my life. It came at a time when I was losing heart regarding the roles coming my way. I was thinking of changing professions. I was quite bored. I became an actor to explore my emotions and go beyond the mundane, like Dilip Kumar and Naseeruddin Shah did. I wanted to experience something magical. Warrior gave me that chance. I am also very happy for colleagues like Resul with whom I started my career at the same time. Resul kept working silently for a decade. He deserves this recognition. As for me I was pleasantly surprised to be recognized in LA as the actor from The Namesake and A Mighty Heart.”

Some people sure have all the luck. Irrfan is definitely one of them.


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