Is SRK ‘stole’ addicted?

Shahrukh Khan at Hyundai Car event to celebrate sale of 20 lakh cars in Taj Land_s End on 13th November 2008 (67).JPGIt seems like SRK has become ‘stole’ addicted. Off late we have noticed him coming with a ‘stole’ wrapped around his neck in most of the event. Although the superstar does not make a mistake of repeating any of his ‘stole’ more than once in any event, but we personally do feel that SRK is simply addicted to it.

Shahrukh Khan unveils book by ASSOCHAM in Taj Land_s End on May 27th 2008(35).JPGOn 27th January, 2009, at the press conference of ‘Ghar Ki Baat Hai’, SRK’s television debut as a producer, we saw him in a red ‘stole’. Again we saw Shah Rukh wearing a maroonish ‘stole’ on the sets of Nach Baliye grand Finale on 1st February, 2009. Finally on 22nd March, 2009 we saw SRK sporting a blue-black ‘stole’ at the IPL press conference.

What is happening with our superstar here? Seems like he has become to very obsessed with ‘stole’ off recently. We must say that it (the stole) suits him well but if now it has become like a habit and if we have to attend any of SRK’s event, we come confirmed to see his neck wrapped with a ‘stole’.

We really don’t know what the matter is, but as everyone knows that Shah Rukh is very much in love with his love lady and wife, Gauri and obeys to most of her sayings, we just hope Gauri is not behind all this. Last but not the least, SRK really carries himself as well as his ‘stole’, but we want to see a change now.

SRK, we hope you are listening.


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