It is not necessary to be a classical beauty says Raveena Tandon

Actress Raveena Tandon attended launch of The Thai Villa Spa on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Raveena stated that it is not necessary to be a classical beauty.

when asked Raveena what is definition of beauty according to her, Raveena said, “Honestly, I feel beauty is only skin deep. Ultimately, your face and eyes are mirrors to your souls. It shows what you are within and it comes out. As far as my profession is concerned, it is important but it is not necessary to be a classical beauty”

“you could be beautiful anyway. You could be dark but you could be stunningly gorgeous. We had Smita ji (Patil) who was so beautiful. She had that amazing caramel color which I loved. I sit in the sun to get that dusky shade so, I feel beauty could be in anything. It could be the way you see people. Even for cinema, it is not necessary to be beautiful in a classical way. You could attract the audience with anything be it your dialogue delivery or anything that is what is beauty to me”

Talking about her future project, Raveena said, “For now, I am reading scripts. if anything comes my way then I will announce it as soon as possible”

Talking about interference of politics into creative at, Raveena said, “I feel every artist and film actor should have freedom speech. I don’t think politics should enter into creativity”

Talking about The Thai Villa, Raveena said, ” I am thankful to Mehajabin ji to invite me for the launch of The Thai Villa Spa. I feel we all have been busy in our daily life but we are not able to take care of our health so I feel in place like The Thai Vila Spa which specializes in massages and stress release you can treat your health issues.”

“I feel we all should take care our health. Today all girls are being selfie-obsessed so I think they shouldn’t focus on that especially, ladies who are managing their work and family”.

Raveena Tandon was last seen in ‘Shab’.


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