Jugni Rendition Came From A Personal Place Says Singer Kshitij Tarey

Life has a strange way of opening a human consciousness to higher understanding through troubled times, singer Kshitij Tarey found a beautiful and stellar rendition of Jugni, while working his way through blues of life.

Singer Kshitij Tarey’s new rendition of Jugni is out and this one comes loaded with added lyrics and stellar working team, such as Vinayak Pol on the drums, Abhishek Dasgupta on guitar, Akshay Jadhav on Djembe, Rishabh Ravi on Keys, mixed and mastered by Reena Gilbert.

Talking about recreating a timeless Sufi song, Kshitij said, “Jugni has been one of my favourite Sufi track, and I wanted to present it in my own way. As it happened, I was going through a rough phase, and there I was, playing piano in my studio and that is where the whole idea of recreating Jugni hit me. The song comes from a personal place of higher understanding or epiphany, sometimes when life is weighing you down and you think, it will break you, the only way to see light at the end of this dark and lonely tunnel is through blessing of god and your Spiritual teachers. And this is what I wanted to share through my song”

The song is re-adapted by talented Pinky Poonawaala, who worked on the lyrics, keeping the essence of the song intact.

Adding about translating his idea into word with lyricist, Kshitij added, “I approached my dear friend Pinky Poonawaala and narrated her the whole idea. She adapted the idea or message I wanted to convey through the song, she added brand new, meaning and deep, para to the song, Pinky Poonawaala said Jugni is such a classic song and I couldnt pass this challenging opportunity of writing something fresh for a classic like Jugni! It brings me immense joy to write something that& meaningful and can touch hearts. Working with Kshitij has always been easy. We are almost instantly on the same page when it comes to songs and working on Jugni with him was nothing different. The original poetry is by Sultan Bahu”

With his ethereal voice, Kshitij took Sufi music way beyond the usual diaspora audiences to a whole new level. The song is available on all the major platform and the audio is out Strumm Sound. The Music video is doing quite well on Kshitij’s YouTube Channel.

Video link – https://youtu.be/9C1glm-EVVg