Julia Roberts liked the vignettes of Hindi feature film ‘Dhuaaan’

Hollywood star Julia Roberts is impressed with the short presentation of filmmaker Dr. Mrunalinni A Dayal’s forthcoming film Dhuaaan- The Fire Within. However, Julia Roberts politely declines invitation by Dr. Mrunalinni to attend the premiere of ‘Dhuaaan’ citing pre-confirmed commitments. Instead, she has requested her Indian spiritual guru Swami Shri Dharam Devji Maharaj of Ashram Hari Mandir, to attend on her behalf. Julia is blessed by spiritual Guru Shri Swami Dharam Devji Maharaj, who has anointed Julia’s children with Hindu names.

Julia Roberts in still from the movie Duplicity (1)
Julia Roberts in still from the movie Duplicity (1)

World renowned Hollywood actor Julia Roberts, was shooting for ‘Eat Pray Love’, at the Ashram Hari Mandir in Pataudi, India, when Julia and unit publicist Claire Raskind watched vignettes of forthcoming film ‘Dhuaaan’.

Dr. Mrunalinni A Dayal had extended a personal invitation to Ms. Roberts requesting her to attend the premiere of the film in Mumbai on Friday the 18th of December 2009. Since Julia will be unable to attend due to prior commitment, her spiritual Guru Shri Swami Dharma Devji Maharaj of Ashram Hari Mandir will be personally attending to bless the project on her behalf.

‘Dhuaaan’ is based on a true story much like Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Erin Brockovich’, which featured Julia Roberts in the lead role of the female protagonist. Incidentally Erin Brockovich has been voted the greatest movie heroine of all time. The single mum lawyer, played by Julia Roberts in the 2000 drama based on a real-life story, fights to gain compensation for victims of contaminated drinking water- and Brockovich has come out as moviegoers’ favourite fighting woman.

According to unit publicist Ms. Claire Raskind, “The Indian hospitality is truly overwhelming. Ever since we got here, we have been inundated by the response from the media and the people. It is remarkable ‘Dhuaaan’ is the first of its kind invitation by Wildwater films a ‘Bollywood’ production to attract Julias’ attention”.

Unit publicist Claire Raskind declared “Julia is very excited about ‘Dhuaaan’ because it’s based on a true story, of a female protagonist like Erin Brockovich, which is a film very dear to her, secondly because the film maker is a woman. It is a universal story of the fight against injustice, of a single individual against erring institutions. Julia has complemented director Dr. Mrunalinni A Dayal on a commendable effort and wishes the film every success. Julia however, regrets being able to accept the invitation to personally attend the premiere in Mumbai, in December and has requested her spiritual Guru Shri Swami Dharam Devji Maharaj to attend on her behalf.”

Shri Swami Dharam Devji Maharaj has very graciously confirmed his attendance and will bless the occasion with his august presence, at the premiere of ‘Dhuaaan’ in Mumbai on Friday the 18th of December 09.


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