Review By: Faisal Saif

The latest hot news which is making rounds on the Internet Media is about Sherlyn Chopra‘s upcoming film ‘Kamasutra 3D‘ trailer going viral and creating a rage. Yes it does creates a Rage in the eyes of those, Who are looking for ‘Porn’. But according to some research in Bollywood, Respected film personalities and Critics either were unavailable for any comments on this Trailer, Or shied away changing topics.

Kamasutra 3D is directed by Rupesh Paul who was in the news sometimes back for spreading fake news about his another upcoming English (British) feature film ‘Saint Dracula 3D‘ getting into Oscar Nominations. The Film maker also claimed his Script of Saint Dracula 3D getting into the Library of Academy Awards. When contacted the Academy Award people, We receive no such confirmations from them as of yet.

Coming back to the Trailer Review of Kamasutra 3D which is yet to be shot. It shows Sherlyn Chopra in Grabbing-Eyeball’s avatar. She does expose in the Trailer more then one can expect, But somehow it looked half-baked. Why? Because Sherlyn Chopra does it alone and that too without any Expressions! A Sex Tale is told with couple and sadly, She does not have her partner in the frame. If you see the Trailer closely, You will find the trailer has been shot using Computer Graphics, Nothing in the frame is real except our own Sherlyn Chopra. The graphics and camera work is of third rate quality. It looks as if some student has shot the whole thing who is unaware about any Camera-Angles. Kindly notice the last frame where the Peacock’s head never moves. Only Sherlyn Chopra looks good (Some expressions needed though) and so is the background score.

We also hear Sherlyn Chopra tweeted this one to be just a Photo-Shoot and not the First Look or a Teaser, But the PR-Team of Rupesh Paul insist calling it a First-Look? Why? To gain more ‘Free-Publicity’? I won’t be surprise if Mr.Rupesh Paul claims this Trailer to be an Oscar Nominated too one day!!!

On the whole, The Trailer/First Look/Photo-Shoot/Photo-Shoot teaser (Or whatever Miss Chopra and Mr.Paul calls it) has only been uploaded to grab Eye-Balls, Free Publicity or some Funding’s (Maybe).

The original Kama Sutra (By the ‘Real’ Oscar Nominated Mira Nair) was a classic. Don’t even dream of comparing.

Cast: Sherlyn Chopra, Some third rate Graphics, Cheap camera-work.
Directed By: Rupesh Paul
Cinematography: Sapan Narula.
Ratings: *