King Khan still on painkillers and shoots

Shahrukh Khan at Hyundai Car event to celebrate sale of 20 lakh cars in Taj Land_s End on 13th November 2008 (32).JPGEverybody knows that SRK had injured his shoulder and was taking rest and after taking rest for more then a month he is back to shoot for Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan and attending meetings for IPL.

We spoke to our source close to the film

Shahrukh Khans birthday at Mannat celebrated by media on 2nd November 2008 (52).JPG“He has resumed the shooting of his best friend Karan Johar’s next venture, ‘My Name Is Khan’ opposite Kajol. Shahrukh Khan has undergone shoulder surgery and doctors have advised him rest for minimum for four months but against doctor’s advice, he has resumed shooting after a short gap. He has been warned by the doctors but yet he is urging to shoot”

But about the precautions SRK ensures that he will shoot only light scenes that will not put much stress on his shoulder. Since his shoulder is not properly healed, SRK takes painkillers before shooting and in between, does physical exercises for his shoulder, which are prescribed by his doctors.

About the healing of his shoulder his closed source told us,”his arm will take another four to five months to make well fully. He will stay away from any stunts for at least six months or may be more. Everything depends on how his shoulder heals.”

In spite of shoulder surgery, Shahrukh did not stay away from the limelight and made appearance in Filmfare events and even actively took part in the IPL meeting which happened last Sunday at office.


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