Kingfisher Airlines bonds with Fame multiplex chain

Mumbai, July 8 (IANS) What is common between an airline and a multiplex? Nothing on the surface. But now India’s trendy aircraft carrier Kingfisher Airlines and the premier multiplex chain Fame have bonded to make this tenuous link between the two service providers more direct by announcing Monday a promotional alliance between them.

The alliance will enable the frequent flyers of Kingfisher Airlines, who automatically become members of the King Club, to earn and redeem the privileged King Miles at the Fame multiplexes. Not only can they redeem King Miles by means of buying tickets for their favourite movies at the Fame chain, but money spent there will add King Miles, a special facility for the King Club members, to their club cards.

“Our vision is to deliver innovative benefits to our members, in partnership with leading national and international brands. The alliance with Fame multiplexes is yet another initiative to reward our guests,” said King Club deputy general manager Anshu Sarin.

Fame Cinemas managing director Shravan Shroff was also upbeat about the alliance. “This will benefit our guests as well. We will continue to encourage such alliance with other well-known brands,” he said.

According to Abhishek Raina, marketing head of Fame Cinemas, all King Club members need is to show up at the Fame multiplex with their club card and redeem their King Miles to buy tickets for the movie.


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