Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon movie stills and Synopsis

It’s said that the second name of marriage is an accident.. … That is why, wise people always run away from marriage.

Directed by: ABBAS – MUSTAN
Produced By: Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain & Abbas Mustan

Kapil Sharma
Elli Avram
Manjari Fadnis
Introducing Sai Lokur
Simran Mundi
Varun Sharma
Sharat Saxena
Supriya Pathak
Manoj Joshi
Arbaaz khan
Jamie Lever

Usually people are accident prone, but our Hero SRK (Shiv Ram Kishan) is ‘Marriage Prone’ … It has been engraved in his fate to get “Married by accident”

So in this way he gets married not once, not twice but three times, every time against his will and wish by being trapped in three hilarious and uncontrollable situations.

It always happens due to his helping nature, especially towards females, so whenever he goes to help some girl, he gets himself in the fix wherein he ends up marring the girl…

Although he is managing to be a perfect husband in for all his three wives, he can’t reveal this fact to one another Hence he has kept them at three different locations.

Due to the unmanageable distances, it becomes complicated for our hero to meet all wives and manage work in one day… So he decides to keep his three wives on three different floors of one building… Because everyone knows that in a city like Mumbai, no body interacts to each other without any acquaintance nor does anyone interfere in each other’s lives… So based on these statistics he is very confident that his wives will never meet each other….

To top all of this our hero also has a girlfriend. So when he can’t give up on three unavoidable responsibilities (gale padi biwiyaan).. How could he ditch his girlfriend, who is his true love.

Later it becomes a big challenge for our hero to not let his three wives associate with each another. Plus also manage his girlfriend and her overly suspicious father who always has a doubt that our hero is married and is lying to his daughter. In this game of hide and seek he somehow manages all of them.

But the situation goes out of hand when all three spouses become friends with each other and further become friends with his girlfriend through a ladies club gathering.

The wives start to come over for tea, gossip sessions, etc. as they are now friends and how our hero escapes narrowly every time by making excuses will be seen in hilarious sequences.

Things start to go from bad to worse when our hero’s divorced parents coincidentally come over to stay with him and his wife at the same time. Our hero with the help of his friend Karan manages to send them on different floors with different wives. But later his parents eventually meet up in the building and their old love starts to blossom again. Seeing this there is a confusion in the mind of our hero’s wives. They start to think that their in-laws have started an affair with each other’s in-laws.

In the end the situation is such that these three wives are invited by our hero’s girlfriend in their own husband’s marriage. So what would be the climax? … Would SRK be able to marry with his REAL LOVE or will he be able to get out of this mess.


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