Kolhapuri Baby Doll

Deepal Shaw created a buzz in the music world with her very first appearance in the music video Baby Doll. After Baby Doll became a huge hit, she came up with the chapter two of the same. Later she went on to pursue her ultimate goal of becoming an actress, but her filmy career was not as happening as the Baby Doll stint.

Deepal Shaw at Runway film promotion in Tunga on 23rd June 2009 (14)
Deepal Shaw

After doing several second leads in many films it seems she has finally paid her due as an actress in ‘Vikalp‘.

“This is one film that I am proud of, as I am playing the protagonist,”

she expresses gladly. She is playing Rishika Gandhe who is a software genius and hails from a small village in Kolhapur.

“I am playing a 21-year-old girl who is an orphan and has been studying on her own and thus harbours very low esteem,”

she describes her character in the film.

As Deepal is from north she was given an option to play UPite but she herself insisted on playing a Marathi woman.

“In Hindi films, a Marathi woman in such a strong serious character is rarely portrayed, so I wanted to do something that is rare,”

she reasons.

As this girls hails from a Maharastrian village, Deepal has donned the rustic look in the film

“I am sans make up and fancy hairdo, so as to look earthy in the film. Though I am speaking Hindi, it is affected with heavy Marathi accent. I did observe the people who possess the typicality of Maharashtrians, which includes my hairdresser and also a girl who is a PhD,”

she divulges.

Shedding some light on the storyline of the film- when Rishika moves from Kolhapur to Mumbai to chase her IT dreams, she lands in trouble. She gets abducted by the terrorist group who wants to hire her as hacker. She has two options in life, either to earn moolah out of helping the terrorist group against her own country or fight back and save the country.

–Deepa Mishra


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