Lara Dutta came to cheerup SRK’s Knights and Angels

Lara Dutta in Knights and Angels on 18th  March 2009.JPGWith the competition getting tougher day by day, the temperature soars on Sunsilk presents Knights and Angels this week as the Blue gang of girls set the stage ablaze. After dazzling performances by the Red Gang of girls last week, its time for the Blue Gang of girls to charm the judges with some sizzling performances.

Lara Dutta in Knights and Angels on 18th  March 2009 (3).JPGThe blue gangs of girls are all set to woo the judges with their Latkas and Jhatkas. For the first time on Knights and Angel’s one of the angels hit bull’s eye by scoring a perfect 10. The Chief Justice Sourav Ganguly who tried his best not to be generous in giving scores, had to surrender as the Blue Angels put up some brilliant performances.

Supporting dada and SRK in their hunt for cheerleaders this week is none other than the gorgeous and charming bollywood damsel Lara Dutta who not only cheered the girls with full enthusiasm but also recollected her days when she participated in the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Further she was so impressed with the girls, the bollywood babe was so taken aback with the brilliant performances that she also joined them on stage to shake her leg to the tunes of Jhoom Baraber Jhoom and gave these young girls some tips on cheerleading.

About the performances

Shutranjay Gaikwad, the young and promising Knight Rider will also be the judge for this week. However, he was strictly warned by dada give the red or green signals to the girls based on their performances and not get charmed by their looks which the young cricketer took very seriously but however got clean bowled by Pranalika’s performance.Hoogly and Purab tried to cheer everyone by doing what they do best, leaving Lara, Sourav and the others in splits of laughter.

So don’t miss all the action, excitement and drama this on Knights and Angels this Friday, March 21st at 10 pm only on NDTV Imagine.


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