Linda spicies Aloo Chaat with bikni scene

Linda Arsenio in Aloo Chaat.JPGLinda Arsenio has done a bikni scene in Anuj Saxena Maverick Production’s and Mirchi Movies produced film “Aloo Chaat” in association with Robby Grewal’s Red Ice Films. She was not informed about the bikni scene so she was very upset when she was told to wear one. She put her foot down and chose to wear a sarong over it as the scene was to be picturized on Delhi roof where she is sun bathing and all neighbors come to their roof to see a gori firang having a sun bath. She may be an American but she is very traditional in her thought process.

Linda Arsenio in Aloo Chaat.JPGLinda is an American who was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is of Salvadorean and Yugoslavian decent. She knew at a very young age she wanted to be in films as she discovered the beauty, passion and power of films that moved her within and became determined to do the same for others She played lead heroine role of American photo journalist in Yash Raj “Kabul Express” that was shot entirely in Afghanistan. She is expecting Aloo Chaat t od owell and fetch her more good roles

Linda to spice up the screen with a Bikni scene in Aloo Chaat!


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