Mad horses and Umaesh Pherwani Stand up comedy

Standup Applause- After the The MAD HORSES Comedy Stampede hit The Club in Andheri, it might want to change its name to the Comedy Club.

Gary Richardson, Suniti Pherwani and Umaesh Pherwani at Umesh Pherwani play in The Club, Andheri on 23rd Sep 2009.jpgSula wine made the rounds then Standup acts by Alyque Padamsee (roasting politicians) and Umaesh Pherwani (jokes about law 377 and marriage) finally gave us some intelligent humour and a break from rampant profanity. The full house then exercised their voting rights to figure out the ending as Gary Richardson, Cyndy Khojol and Aliya Shah did an interactive comedy skit. Lots of laughs…and STANDUP APPLAUSE.


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