Madhavan steps in Arshad’s shoes in Teen Patti

Arshad Warsi’s loss is a big gain for Maddy. Madhavan gets to wook in Teen Patti with his favorite Amitabh Bachchan. If you remember Ramji Londonwale, Madhavan was an Indian cook lost in London, the side kick in the movie was that he was a big fan of Amitabh and his dreams come true when Amitabh walks in at the climax. So, Maddy must be really excited to work with his dream actor. This is why Leena Yadhav’s Teen Patti will be a memorable film for him.

Madhavan chuckles at the idea of working with Amitabh. He states that though he is pretty nervous to work with the star, he is pretty much excited as well. Maddy dons the cap of a gambler in the movie as the name also suggests. He is surprised at being approached for the movie nonetheless he is happy about it. And he has every reason to thank Arshad Warsi for bagging the movie as without his sudden exit from the movie, Madhavan would not have got to step in.