Mallika knows how to grab attention

Mallika Sherawat  in a still from UGLY AUR PAGLI (3).jpgMallika Sherawat last week was present at Hollywood hotspot ‘Mr Chow’ in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The famous Chinese eatery is frequented by stars and paparazzi alike. For example, Hollywood celebrity Miley Cyrus was also there with boyfriend Justin Gaston on the same day when Mallika went there.

Mallika Sherawat at Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam Premiere in Fame, Andheri on August 21st 2008 (15).JPGIn fact, not surprisingly no one recognized our Miss. Sherawat. Perhaps with her ego hurt, she walked up to a photographer present there and asked him to guess her age! She then even asked him if he thought an Indian actress could make it big in Hollywood.

Now finally noticing how hot our desi lass looked, the photographer started clicking her as well. Mallika, whose first Hollywood film, Hisss, is in post production, is keen to cross over from Bollywood, where producers take her seriously only when she is ready to shed her clothes before the camera.

Having observed how paparazzi attention has catapulted Freida Pinto to world fame, Sherawat looks ready to take a page out of Pinto’s book. Sherawat’s other Hollywood projects include The Aquarian Gospel and Unveiled. Her Bollywood film, Fauj Mein Mauj.


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