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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Media FilmsCraft Got Big Plans For Music Sector Says Navroz Prasla

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After catering the entire South-Asian base in USA for years with quality content and news, President of NTV Houston Mr. Navroz Prasla is eyeing the Indian music market.

Owner of the leading South-Asian news channel NTV Houston, Navroz Prasla has many Indian credits under his belt; he has produced an award winning Marathi movie, along with a web-series Life of Five, which will stream soon on renowned OTT. Now the media giant is planning to capture the diverse and varied music scene of India.

Talking about his expansion plans in music sector, Navroz said, “Music is an integral part of Indian culture. We have songs to celebrate joy, sorrow, history, happiness, swag, style and more. The music here is diverse, talent is in abundance and all we need is a platform which provides opportunities to these polished and uncut gems.

I have launched my own music label, Media FilmsCraft, and recently we have released our new single ‘Ishq Bheegaye Naina’ featuring Big Boss fame Nishant Malkani.  We’re happy with the final output and I am sure audience will love it as well. My music label plans to provide 360 degree opportunities for artistes and not just from the main stream but different regions and languages as well”.

Adding further the business tycoon said, “Aim is to nurture, develop and prepare actors and singers or artistes from different art forms for commercial and international level. We have fan base across continent and it’s time to put Indian artistes on International map”.

When asked about launching his own OTT platform just like Amazon, Netflix,, ZEE5, in India, Navroz Prasla said, “We’re working on it. The process has started, but it’s way too early to comment anything. We’re already working on different aspects and once the things are properly rolling, we will make an official announcement.

India is where the entertainment business is booming and with my experience and exposure, it’s a matter of time before I find my niche and create a fans base” he added.


Video Link For Media FilmsCraft Music’s New Song – Ishq Bheegaye Naina                               



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