Gone are the days when women onscreen would restrict their anger getting not so nasty with language. If they are beaten up, or are being raped, most they could come up with was a- ‘Kutte’, ‘Kamine’ or ‘Halkat’.

Archana Puran Singh at Comedy Circus on location in Andheri on 27th July 2009 (15).JPGBut in the era of realistic cinema where the issues addressed in the films are real, acts are for real and when audience want to see and hear things for real, women too onscreen have welcomed the change. Be it exposing or hoisting their cleavage, kissing the co-star or now talking in the language far below the belt, she is game for it.

Recently we all have been hearing the roaring laughter of Archana Puran Singh in comedy shows and now its time to stand her anger and venomous nasty language. In the film ‘De Dana Dan’ she has conveniently abused onscreen, wherein the film runs the risk of censor trouble.

A loud beep is for sure to be heard when Archana screams ‘M……d’ in De Dana Dan. Must say women are surely moving ahead!