Mugdha Veira Godse Talks About Life, Motivation, Movies And Food During 21 Days Lock Down

Former Femina Miss India and actress Mugdha Veira Godse rose to fame with her stunning role in movie ‘Fashion’, shares some candid thoughts on current Pandemic Lock Down.
Mugdha Veira Godse interacted with us exclusively via a telephonic interview. Talking about current state of affairs and 21 days lock down, she said, “There is definitely worry because the whole world is under corona-virus threat. According to me, these 21 days lockdown is a reboot situation. Because if stay at home we are going to live our own life! So I am making most of it, getting discipline back in our life and rebooting our whole life. I think that’s what is going right now in my mind.”

Sharing some much needed tips about keeping oneself motivated and keep the creative juices flowing, Mugdha said, “We are artistes, like actors our first homework is to watch a lot of films. May be good or bad films. Because we need to see how great people act and what we should do and not do. So that’s going on with OTT platforms, I am watching movies online”

“I even read books and apart from this, I am also doing Ashtanga Yoga, because yoga and meditation keeps me fit and healthy. I am indulging in doing my household chores also because I think every job gets creative. Like if you are doing the cooking, you tend to be more creative and cook more good stuff. The same is the case with cleaning if you are in a mood to do the cleaning. You will clean your garden, your balcony more precisely and carefully. So, creativity doesn’t mean only painting. Doing your job well in a very aesthetic manner is also resourceful. I am watching recipes on YouTube and trying to make some different kinds of food. So, yeah this is how I spend my whole day”

Sharing some sneak-peek into her choice of movies, Mugdha said, “I am watching a lot of things actually. I just watched ‘Self Made’ and Asur. Hence, I am watching all different genres and different things which I haven’t watched. There are few good series on Amazon Prime as well. Earlier when I watched movie ‘Contagion’ I didn’t realise the depth of it. But now when I watched it again, I understood the science and the research these scientists do. Now my outlook has changed, because we are actually living in that situation”

With lockdown in place and people are confined to their homes, social media is buzzing with more personal and creative post’s. Talking about her social media game, Mugdha said, “I think there are many people who have started putting up their own recipes on Instagram. I am not doing any specific on Insta, but if I am in a mood, I do share something or the other thing. I do read feeds on twitter and also watch news online. This is really disturbing because after getting to know the reality, you don’t feel like posting something on social media. Just to make the moment like I share my household activity on social media besides this, I am also urging people to stay at home by sharing a few good posts. And as much possible I am taking care of my staff and helping other people”

On the work front, Mugdha Veira Godse will be next seen in Fauji Calling, which is written and directed by Aaryaan Saxena, based on the families of the brave martyrs, who lost their lives in the Phulwama attack.
It also features Sharman Joshi, Vikram Singh (Ranjha), Bidita Bag, Mahi Soni, Zarina Wahab and Shishir Sharma.


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