Neetu Chandra: Trying hard to go solo.

Neetu Chandra at Carwale Awards in Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai on 7th March 2008 (12).JPGThis damsel from Bihar tried her best to have a glam debut with the Akshay KumarJohn Abraham starrrer ‘Garam Masala’. But in spite of all the glitz and glamour, she kind of got lost in the crowd thanks to the presence of two muscled guys and wannabes like Nargis, Daisy Bopanna and even the forever wannabe Rimi Sen squabbling for attention.

Neetu Chandra at Gladrags Mrs India contest finals on 14th March 2009 (4).JPGAnd it’s not so easy for a dowdy small town girl to suddenly turn fully chic and hip. The ‘I’m trying hard to be so hip’ attitude is very, very blatant in chicks like Neetu.

Thereafter came roles in ‘Traffic Signal’ and ‘One Two Three’ where again there was a fight for the limelight.

Fortunately for her ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ and more recently ’13 B’ have changed that a bit as she was the solo lead in these small time films.

And she’s already satisfied with whatever she’s got.

Quite a content chick this one is

She’s told the Cafe-Bitch, “I am doing lots of films. Four of them are lined up for release. I am getting solo leads now and it’s all because God has been so kind to me.”

The actress now has four films like ‘Khussar Prasad Ka Bhoot’, ‘Mumbai Cutting’ and a film each with Vipul Shah and Raj Kanwar.

Now the names of these movies don’t sound exciting enough and chances are her role in the other movies would be really teeny-weeny.

Gosh, some people love to live in a fool’s paradise. Neetu sure is one of them.


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