Nervous energy makes me excited and motivates to work harder says Dino Morea

Actor Dino Morea attended special screening of the his latest short film ‘Maa’ along with Neena Kulkarni, Vivvan Shah and director Niranjan Iyenger on Wednesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Dino said that nervous energy makes him excited and motivates to work harder.

Dino Morea has returned to acting after a long break so when asked working experience in this film and the feeling of returning in front of cameras, Dino said, “Before any shoot I get nervous and I feel having that nervous energy make you more excited and makes you motivate to work hard. Fortunately, we did couple of readings before we started shooting of the film so it was like rehearsal and over the years, once a week I always keep myself updated with doing acting and workshops so I am always prepared. During our shoot, I loved it, it was great to be in front of camera and me playing a certain character”

“When we were doing readings before shooting of the film, it opened my mind little more about perspectives because everyone has a perspective. So as far as acting is concerned in this particular film, I feel you just have to go through the emotions while you act in it and working with Vivaan Shah and Neena Kulkarni was unbelievable and I feel Niranjan has made fantastic debut with this film”

Talking about entering into short film format as an actor with his latest film, ‘Maa’, Dino said, “Being part of any film as an actor I think is amazing as long as you loved the script and you want to tell the story. The only difference between feature film and the short film is that some stories are meant to say in 12-15 minutes and some needs an hour and a half. When Niranjan (Iyenger) narrated this script to me, I thought it was pretty much layered. ‘Maa’ has different perspectives. There is mother’s perspective, there is older brother’s perspective and there is younger brother’s perspective on life so it’s all grey and no black and white because each character feels whatever they are doing is right so the end line of short film says ‘there is no right and wrong’ so as an actor performing and having done films for few years was very exciting so I feel as an actor whether it’s a short film or a feature film, I loved playing this characters”

In the film ‘Maa’ it has shown that there has been difference in opinions between parent and a child, talking about it, Dino said, “ “In today’s time, this situation keep happening in urban cities when you mother gets busy in her daily work and in that period, she neglects her child and in this film, my character takes care of Vivaan’s character as an elder brother but after some years our mother comes in our life so it happens in today’s situations that is why I am saying each individual has its own perspective. In the film, our mother is single mother who is away from us busy doing her work but we as her child think that she doesn’t looked after us but we don’t realize that she has take care of our financial needs as well”

In short film, ‘Maa’, Morea and Shah play brothers while Kulkarni is their mother who has spent a considerable amount of time neglecting her children to focus on her career. The younger brother, played by Shah, has turned the wrong lane in life all the while nurturing his talent of painting. The older brother, played by Morea, who took care of his sibling while growing up, has figured out the safest way to keep matters under control. But the mother’s insistence on making a difference in her children’s lives leads to her taking a drastic step.

‘Maa’ is the first short film released by Large Short Films this year and it’s been written and directed by Niranjan Iyenger.