No more troubles for Asin

Asin Thottumkal at Ghajini success bash in Taj land_s End on 30th December 2008 (11).JPGAsin’s problem has been solved by the cops. The Chennai police have finally succeeded in finding Asin’s former touch-up boy Nalla Muthu Kumarasamy, who was complained to be missing by his mother. It’s been said that the entire dramatic episode was been conducted so that Muttu’s family can earn monitory aids from Asin and her father.

Asin Thottumkal at Ghajini success bash in J W Marriott on 12th Jan 2009 (17).JPGPolice officials from Thiruvallur District got the clue about Muthu from his friends Madhavan and Kesavan, who reside in Mumbai. Chennai City Commissioner revealed that when we checked out the mobiles of these concerned persons, we could find out Muthu’s number in dialed list.

Well, the gorgeous actress would surely be relaxed now.


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