Patiala, Southall or Mumbai

Nikhil Advani and Akshay Kumar have come together, even though their last film together- Chandni Chowk To China was a disaster. This time they will be doing a film, Patiala House, starring Anushka Sharma opposite Akshay. The film will be about the racial riots that happened in 1979 in London’s Southall, which is famous for being inhabited by Asians.

Akshay Kumar in Welcome (2)
Akshay Kumar in Welcome (2)

The film, while set in 2010, goes back to 1979. The 1979 Southall couldn’t be done in London which is why art director Priya Raghunath will be constructing the set in Mumbai. The film also is very different from what Akshay has been doing in the recent years. Even though Nikhil had put a few funny moments in the film, Akshay asked him to remove them. Patiala House will be a rare kind of a film for Akshay. The film will start shooting between December 18th and January 31st.


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