Ranbir to play Rajeev Gandhi in Prakash Jha’s next

Someone is very happy about a movie he will be doing. Ranbir Kapoor, who is geared to don the cap of his favorite political character Rajiv Gandhi in a forthcoming Prakash Jha film titled Rajniti. The desperate star son has been said to be talking to the eminent moviemakers from Karan Johar to Sajid Nadiadwala to get the lead roles. Prakash Jha’s offer looked very appealing to not only Ranbir but also Rishi Kapoor, who in fact had insisted on his listening to the story and then deciding whether he wants to work in it or not.

Listening to parents pays well, so it did for Ranbir. Anyways, Prakash Jha is equally excited at Ranbir accepting the offer. He states that his need was for a face that has nobility and dynamism along side innocence, Ranbir fitted the bill only too well. He even opens up his mind and says, Rajniti would have never happened had Ranbir rejected the offer. The leading lady opposite Ranbir would be one of the top names in Hollywood. Based on a young man’s life, who is busy with his studies and his girlfriend is summoned back to Delhi to take up the family politics, the movie will show Ranbir’s character grow from late teens to mid-thirties. Now, this sounds like a lifetime role for Ranbir, way to go man!