Romance, cyber style.

London-based filmmaker Anu Menon is coming up with a new film with a unique title- ‘Click and Marry’. As the title suggest, it talks about an alliance off the internet. But it’s not really like the Tom Hanks- Meg Ryan starring ‘You’ve got mail’ and its poor Indian copy- ‘Dil hi dil mein’ which came almost nine years ago.

In the movie Rahul Bose and Pandit Ravi Shankar’s sitarist daughter Anoushka Shankar play a couple who find their combined karma through the internet.

So chances are, the movie will deal a lot with spiritual connections and stuff like that.

But none of the actors are willing to divulge too many details about the film.

Rahul has said, “It’s too early to say anything about this project, but Anoushka and I know each other well, so doing a film with her would be a great fun. As for working with Anu, she seems committed and fun. And I’ve really enjoyed with a female director before. So why not this time?”

If handled properly, this very well looks like a movie to look forward to.


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