Shah Rukh gave me his notes when was senior to me in a film school says Kabir khan

Kabir Khan is gearing up for the most anticipated release of 2017 with Salman Khan and for the first time he is working with Shah Rukh Khan in Tubelight in which Shah Rukh is doing cameo but not many people know that they both are very old friends when they both used to live in Delhi. Recently, Kabir and Shah Rukh worked together for shoot of fairness cream brand and during the making of shoot, they both talked about each other. Kabir Khan revealed that Shah Rukh gave him the notes when Shah Rukh was his senior at film school.

Talking about his memories with Shah Rukh, he said, “I was friend of Gauri in the school. Shah Rukh was by that time started doing lot of theatre so he would come and do workshops and classes with us. Shah Rukh has directed me many years before I got to shoot him. We always used to look up to Shah Rukh because he was senior in my film school also. In fact, he gave me his notes also so I owe a lot to Shah Rukh notes in passing my film school”

Talking about the ad, he said, “This ad is very filmy and filminess starts in this ad in which we are using filmy tracks. And for my film Tubelight, he very graciously agreed to do small part in Tubelight. It’s a great scene and great character and I am glad that within a month of shooting for my film I again got an opportunity to work with him again this ad so when I got this offer, it was no brainer for me because I don’t direct ads as I was too busy with scripts and films so I really never thought about directing ad but the script of this ad was interesting and it had Shah Rukh in it so I had to do it”.

Shah Rukh also talked about working with Kabir, he said, “I have worked with him in his film but this was probably first time I am getting directed by him full time for an ad film. Kabir is an old friend. He is my wife’s (Gauri) class mate. We started off in theatre where Kabir used to act and I used to go there to direct plays in schools and colleges and I directed a play for them and since that I known Kabir and very few people know that he is like old family friend”.

Talking about the ad, Shah Rukh said, “It’s very interesting ad and we tried to mix and match that in funny and entertaining manner and it also sends message across. I think language of ad is changing, so we tried to keep it very casual and normal. Kabir is very good with that so I had fu shooting with him and I hope it will turn out well.”

Kabir Khan’s Tubelight starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu and Matin Rey Tangu is releasing today.