Shattered Harry Baweja reduces ‘Love Story 2050’ by 10 minutes

Harry Baweja, Raveena Tandon with her husband at Love Story 2050 music launch in JW Marriott on May 28th 2008(4).JPGMumbai, July 8 (IANS) Producer-director Harry Baweja’s mega budget “Love Story 2050”, also the launch vehicle of his son Harman, has been savaged by critics. The shattered filmmaker says he hasn’t lost the battle.Baweja admits “Love Story 2050” is too lengthy and has now reduced the film’s length by 10 minutes to make it more appealing.

“Yes, I agree with that. We’ve already taken care of that. We realised people were getting restless in the second-half. So we had cut about 10 minutes of the film in Mumbai from Friday evening,” Baweja told IANS.

Harry Baweja at Love Story 2050 Movie event on March 19th 2008(39).jpgPriyanka Chopra, Harry Baweja  endorses Ira diamonds in Vie Lounge on June 24rd 2008(2).JPGHarman Baweja, Harry Baweja at Love Story merchandise launch in Cinemax on 18th June 2008(29).JPG

“By Saturday morning we had made the cuts all over the country. The film has been released in 720 theatres. You can’t handpick 20 theatres to prove your point. But I haven’t lost the battle yet,” he added.The filmmaker is perturbed by the heavy criticism that his film has received.

“I can’t understand the viciousness with which my film has been received. I don’t know why the negative backlash. Of course, people are entitled to an opinion. Whether they find the film cool or not is up to the audience.

“But I’ve succeeded in at least one-half of my motive for making Love Story 2050. I didn’t only want to make film that audiences will like, I also made it to launch my son. And everyone loves Harman. So at least I’ve succeeded there.”

Harry feels there are factors working against the film.

“I’ve never seen anything like this happen before in all my years as a producer-director. I’ve made unsuccessful films, but never one that has been so severely savaged. If my film is so bad why did it get such a spectacular opening?

“Over the weekend we got houseful in most places. There’s a wrong perception being created about my film. Why pick on me like this? I am shattered right now. I can’t think straight.”


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