Shave in the Evening to Make Me Feel Special– says Malaika to her husband Arbaaz

Mumbai, 5th December 2012: Taking forward the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement, Bollywood diva Malaika Arora Khan is now on her mission to reach out to more and more women to join the protest against their partner’s evening stubble.

Malaika Arora Khan on the sets of nach Le with Malaika and Saroj Khan in R K Studio, Mumbai on 15th Dec 2011 (33).JPGAt the event, Malaika Arora Khan spoke about Indian women’s’ preference of clean shaven men in the evenings and how she detests her husband – Arbaaz Khan’s evening stubble. Malaika set the ultimatum of ‘Shave or Crave’ and demanded that her husband should shave in the evenings too, to make her feel special. To reiterate her message, the gorgeous bollywood beauty appeared with a large mock-up of a Gillette razor on one side and refused to get close to Arbaaz Khan till he promised to shave in the evenings too. Arbaaz Khan was left with no choice but to comply with his wife’s demands.

The shaving became easier because of the new Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor that incorporates the best shaving technology with a 5 blade suspension that allows men in India to experience the most comfortable shave even in the evenings. Not only this; the Gillette Fusion gamer comes at an affordable price of Rs 299/- leaving men with no excuse to shave both in the morning and evening.

The gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan said, “In spite of several requests men fail to understand the importance of being well groomed in the evenings as well. Evenings are important to us because that is the time our men spend with us. If they can shave in the morning for their boss, why can’t they do it for us? It clearly shows that they don’t care enough. There is now no excuse for men not to shave in the evening since they now have the best in shaving technology with Fusion Gamer which is so gentle on skin that you can shave twice a day without any irritation. I urge women everywhere who feel the same way to make their men crave their company in the evening if they don’t shave and only agree to come close if they take that extra effort to shave.”

Malaika Arora Khan also substantiated this by stating the survey results from the Nielsen India study. The study claimed that:
• 88% of young women feel special when their boyfriend shaves for them in the evening~
• 84% women in Mumbai feel that a man shaves before work because he cares more about what his boss thinks than what I need~
• 95% of women in Mumbai feel special when their husband/boyfriend shaves for them in the evening ~
• 88% of women in Mumbai want their Husband / Boyfriends Face to be as smooth at night, as It is in the morning

On insistence Arbaaz Khan agreed to shave on stage with a Gillette Fusion Gamer razor and said; “If me being clean shaven in the evening makes my woman feel special, I will definitely start shaving off my evening stubble to show her I care. Especially, now with the Gillette Fusion Gamer razor, the best shaving technology with a 5 blade suspension that provides the most comfortable shave, there is no excuse for men not to shave even in the evening. I also feel men should be clean shaven not just for someone but also because being well groomed makes one feel good about oneself”.

Arbaaz’s efforts to shave were duly rewarded when Malaika pulled his trolley closer with every stroke of the razor and thanked him. “I am extremely delighted that my husband has decided to be clean shaven in the evenings too and is urging men across the nation to do the same thing. This small gesture will make your women feel special and express your love and gratitude for all the effort she takes to be groomed all the time”.

Post the launch of the WOES (Women Oppose Evening Stubble) report by Malaika Arora Khan & Neha Dhupia in early November. The movement that was taken forward in Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow and Indore recently, also inspired the women in Mumbai to join this national women’s protest against their partners evening stubble. People from all walks of life namely Dipika Pallikal, Chitrangadha Singh among others in different parts of the country have come forward in support of this protest against men’s evening stubble.

The WOES survey was conducted among 1500 people of which 1000 were women and 500 were men in 10 Indian cities; namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Indore, Nagpur and Lucknow. The survey was undertaken to understand the impact of the evening stubble on the level of intimacy shared by a couple and revealed startling insights like 95% of women in Mumbai feel special when their husband/boyfriend shaves for them in the evening. Women were asked to join the “Women Oppose Evening Stubble” movement by following the two ‘Shave or Crave’ mandates if their men didn’t shave:
1. “If you don’t shave off your evening stubble, we will make you crave us.”
2. “If you are clean shaven in the evening, we will make you feel special.”

*Claims generated from men and women who were in agreement with the above statements by a Nielsen survey done across 10 cities in October 2012 and the above are a few excerpts picked up from the survey findings