Shifanjali Rao’s heart beats for canines

Model-actor Shifanjali Rao may have set the ramp and the small screen afire with her music videos, but what makes her stand out from the best is that she stands up for what she believes in.

shifanjali rao (4).jpegThe most recent one was when she saw a man illtreating a dog in Andheri. Says Shifanjali, “I was travelling by car when I saw the man kicking the dog. I shouted at him but of no avail.”

The dog yelped again and Shifanjali got down from the vehicle and confronted him, something one cannot expect from someone labeled a sultry glam doll. “You need to believe in something. The strength comes from within,” says Shifanjali.
Need we say the man made a hasty retreat while the canine got the chicken sandwich that was meant to be Shifanjali’s lunch on the way to a shoot!
“I wish I could do more for animals,” says Shifanjali. “As humans, each of us should do our bit. It would make our earth a better place to live in.”