Shilpa-Jermaine The Bonding Just Grew Stronger

The bonding between Shilpa and Jermaine which was established during her turbulent stint at Big Bother, just got much stronger and more creative during Jermaine’s current visit to India when Shilpa along with Adnan Sami (currently recuperating from an accident during the shooting a music video with Jermaine) played hosts to Jermaine and his wife Halima.

Jermaine Jackson walks for designer Rajesh Aiya Show in Mumbai on 5th Oct 2009 (9)
Jermaine Jackson walks for designer Rajesh Aiya Show in Mumbai on 5th Oct 2009 (9)

In fact on Monday, Shilpa and her NRI boyfriend Raj Kundra flew the Jacksons in his private jet (owned collectively by Kundra and two other business tycoons) to Agra and then to Jaipur for a flash visit to these legendary touristy spots.

It was Adnan who had promised to take Jermaine to the Taj Mahal but the accident aborted their plans. Jermaine and his wife were more than happy to go with Shilpa and her man, specially since the visit was planned and executed by Kundra to the minutest detail.

It was in Jaipur that apparently the idea of musical collaboration between Jermaine and Shilpa concretized. Incidentally both the Shetty sisters Shilpa and Shamita sing . We’ve now seen Shamita doing her singing in Bigg Boss.

Says Shilpa,

“It’s too early to talk about what Jermaine and I are doing together. But yes, we will work together for sure. Shamita’s singing, the world has now seen. Isn’t she adorable?”

About taking the Jackson couple to Agra and Jaipur on Kundra’s jet, Shilpa says,

“I really don’t want to talk about what we did or are doing for Jermaine and Halima. We are their hosts in India. They are a fabulous couple. Both Raj and I love them both. We had a great time in Agra and Jaipur. It was Jermaine’s dream to visit these spots. Strangely a day before we took him to Jaipur he saw Rambagh Palace on television in his room at the Taj hotel in Mumbai and was completely enamored. He had no clue we’d take him to Rambagh the next day.”

Not willing to reveal much about the Jermaine-Shilpa collaboration plans Shilpa quips,

“Nowadays you never know when and who is waiting around the corner to put a spanner in your works. I just heard that one Mr. Hirani is suing me. The only Hirani I know is the one who has made the wonderful Munnabhai films. I can’t wait to meet him.”

— By Subhash K Jha


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