Shilpa learnt Chinese from her Chinese co-star Xia Yu

Shilpa Shetty at a meet with the champions of IPL team the Rajasthan Royals in Mumbai on 3rd Feb 2009 (7).JPGFirst shooting schedule of Shilpa Shetty’s first international project, The Desire has just ended in Kerala. Working alongside Chinese superstar Xia Yu, the diva has also learnt Chinese language from him.

Shilpa Shetty at Shilpa Shetty_s Rajasthan Royals bash in Grand Hyatt on 10th March 2009 (102).JPGA source close to Shilpa discloses, “She has learnt basic Chinese language like S(h)iya Yeoh which means “summer rain” then Sha Wu (Afternoon), Sha Yu (which meant “Oil”), then Zai Jian means Good bye”. She thoroughly enjoyed shooting Xia Yu. For the start Shilpa and the other crew members where happing difficulty to spell out Xia’s name and she has to address him as ‘Sir’”.

Further her closed source told us that,”After Nasik shoot the whole crew will go to Kaula Lampur as now Shilpa is busy with the IPL work, especially attending meetings with the IPL officials and Rajasthan teammates and very soon her music video “Halla Bol” will be out for which she has spend over 1 crore. She is very excited about her video. She is working very hard for this film as she is very happy because this film will showcase the real culture of India at the international level.”

The story of ‘The Desire’ mainly revolves around Goutami, an accomplished Odissi dancer and Jai Leang, a talented artist. It’s the story of today, but rises from the small cities of India. Essentially, The Desire is a passionate film mainly dealing with dance, music, art, culture and emotions and so for that she is taking Odissi dancing classes from Ratikant Mohapatra (son of the iconic Odissi dancer Kelucharan Mohapatra) and his wife Rajshree. Before shooting the Halla Bol” music video she did her Malaysia schedule for “The Desire”. The film will showcase at the Cannes film Festival and is expected to release by end of 2009.


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