Shilpa Shetty feels sad for Jade Goody

Shilpa Shetty launches new energy drink Cloud 9 in JW Marriott on 8th October 2008 (11).JPGThese days Shilpa Shetty maybe quite busy with her IPL team, Rajasthan Royals but that doesn’t mean that she misses out on her friends. The glamorous actress is in London to support ailing Jade Goody. Jade Goody is struggling for her life and to support her Shilpa is in London.

ShilpaShetty3-Shilpa Shetty - Sizzling Hot Pix From Metro premiere in London.jpgShilpa Shetty shares her thought about her close friend Jade Goody in her blog. ”In London for some work and my 1st priority wanting to meet Jade, which is why I pre-poned my visit. Always felt she and I were connected in a strange way… I believe she was a catalyst and the architect of my fame in Britain… Felt terrible for what she had to go through after the Show, and I screamed my lungs hoarse to save the situation… but in vain. Anyway life brought us together again through Big Boss and that’s where we met and spoke after 2yrs… and went on to becoming friends… I really discovered a new Jade compared to the one I saw in Big Brother. I admired her spirit and the way she coped with her illness, I spoke to her a few days prior to her wedding, she sounded very happy, sadly I couldn’t make it. Thought I’d meet her when I come down, but then I heard about her health deteriorating and I rushed down hoping to see her. Little did I know that the last time I spoke to her would actually be the last time…?

Shilpa Shetty at the book launch on Oneness University at the Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai on 15th October 2008 (13).JPGFurther she have spoken about,” I haven’t got to see her, it would’ve depressed me no end. I always want to remember her smiling, the feisty strong gregarious Jade, a true Trooper! It’s a helpless feeling, as long as she knows am here, which I don’t think she’s aware, because she is unconscious, heavily drugged ‘cause the pain is excruciating – Max Clifford told me (Max is her publicist as well as mine). I feel even worse ‘because maybe I could’ve met her if I was here 2 days earlier… Anyway in the current scenario I totally understand what the family must be going through and I respect their privacy and hope she and her family is able to cope with this inexplicable pain. It just makes me hold on to my near and dear ones and value them even more, because life’s so unpredictable… “


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