Shonali Nagrani’s absence from IPL 2

Shonali Nagrani who last year anchored IPL season 1, will not be seen this time. “There will be no woman around,” she said sadly. This sexy model (Runner up Miss India 2003) has always been associated with cricket on Max. “I was there for the Champions Trophy (2006), World Cup (2007) and IPL first season. I just love this gentleman’s game”, she gushes.

Shonali Nagrani on the sets of Ponds Beauty for Star One in Concord Studio on 19th December 2008 (17).JPGSo will the absence of woman anchors affect this year’s IPL South African Safari? “It may, for woman on field add a flavor of colour to the proceedings, which anyways is already full of men.” She also felt that having matches at 4 pm will a hurt viewer ship, “as most people will be away at work.”

On IPL craze she says, “Its hit because players from different international teams get a chance to play together. And moreover as the matches are of a shorter duration, you can even party later on.” If not cricket, Shonali is busy doing a reality show, “I am sorry, I can’t talk about it. But I will watch a few IPL 2 matches as I will be in that part of the world at the same time for something else.” Is it Fear factor 2? “I can’t talk about it.”

Besides anchoring (Salaam-e-Ishq and Great Indian Laughter Challenge) and hosting live shows, Shonali would not mind trying her hand at Bollywood at a later stage, “But I would never do fiction on TV as it takes away all your time. I need to do other things in life as well. Agreed fiction pay’s more, but then you don’t even get the time to spend that money,” she reasons.


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