Akshay Oberoi who has acted in films like Piku,  Fitoor and Laal Rang is all set with his next film Gurgaon. Akshay interacted with media at the trailer of the film on Friday in Mumbai. While interacting with media he stated that shooting for Gurgaon was therapeutic experience for him.

Talking about experience of working in Gurgaon, Akshay said, “This has been my favorite experience while shooting of the film. This film came to me at the right time. I was in a different mindset in my professional and personal life when this film came to my way so it was therapeutic experience for me as the angst and frustration I had before doing this film all that I transformed into this film to give my best shot. It was very calm and spiritual journey for me”

Talking about his character in the film, Akshay said, “My character in the film is dark. His father neglects him and he has that frustration in him. In North India, most of the time, family business is carry forward by next generation so my character in the film thinks that it is his birth right to own that business so he fights for that. During the course of the film, he does some morally and socially wrong things but he doesn’t think that way”

“I feel nobody is perfect and pure white so I had to tap into myself and see what my dark side is. When you a play a brooding character like this who doesn’t give damn about anything in life so to play such character was really thrilling and learning experience for me as an actor”.

Akshay also talked about his film clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry met Sejal, he said, “It’s a very different film from Jab Harry Met Sejal so I don’t think we have any competition with that. Shah Rukh Khan is a living legend so we are thinking of competing with him and his film. In today’s age audience taste and preference has changed so they will eventually decide what kind of films they want to see in theatres and I honestly believe that if your film is good then ultimately it will work at the box office and if your film is bad then no matter how much you market your film it will not going to work in your way”.

Akshay also talked about  his upcoming projects, he said, “ I am working in Kalakandi in which I am playing role of Sailf Ali Khan’s brother in the film and after that my next film is  Bombariya along with Radhika Apte and Siddhant Kapoor and it will release in November-December “.

Gurgaon is releasing on 4 August, 2017.