Shruti Hasan’s doing it without daddy

Shruti Hassan (5).jpgTamil super star Kamal Hasan’s daughter Shruti is the next pretty star kid to be launched in Bollywood. She’s making her big Bollywood debut this year in Sohum Shah’s ‘Luck’ with young sensation Imran Khan.

But Shruti’s ain’t taking too many tips from daddy dearest, in spite of the fact that he’s considered one of the finest actors in showbiz.

Shruti Hassan at Hard Rock Cafe Live in Hard Rock Cafe on June 24th 2008(25).JPGShe’s said, “He’s never been one to advise me too much. I think the one tip he gave me was that it’s your life and you have to make the decisions which count for you the most.”

And her talented, experienced and still good looking mom Sarika is also not what she aims to be.

She’s added, “Nobody expects to be either a Kamal Hasan or a Sarika from your very first day and I didn’t expect that of myself either.”

But having Imran Khan as a buddy has been a blessing for the new kid on the block.

She’s said, “We’ve known each other for a while so it’s a blessing to work with somebody you are comfortable with and can relate to. I think it’s been a wonderful experience overall.”

And acting is not the only thing she’s concentrating on. She also has her favorite singing to fall back on.

She’s also said, “I’m playing a whole bunch of gigs, and me and my band is having a whole load of fun, we have our strengths and we are just taking it from there. And we are going to get into the studio soon and record our first album.”

This is one pretty interesting girl. Let’s wait and watch to see how it works for her from here.


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