Sikander was Saawariya’s first preference!

What could have been the fate of Saawariya if it had another star son and not Ranbir Kapoor in it? The rumor is on that Sanjay Leela Bhansali dropped Sikander Kher from Saawariya to take Ranbir Kapoor in it. The ways of Bollywood is pretty strange and many things keep happening and one can not remember these petty evidences of meanness that comes in one’s way to success. This is the funda Sikander Kher is depending on right now.

Sikander Kher is not unhappy at the fact that Bhansali dropped him out of the project. The Bollywood newbie also worked with Bhansali during the shooting Devdas. Though there was no written promise that he would be launched in Saawariya but it was said that the guy went in depression that he was dropped out of the project. But now, the guy has returned all geared and is open to any offers that may come from the Bhansali camp.