so much ado about long tresses: Jiah

So much about Jiah Khan’s sacrificing her long and beautiful tresses at Shahid Kapoor’s suggestion! The girl however, denies all such rumors. Now, it isn’t an easy thing for a girl to just let go of one of the trademarks of her beauty. If we take a look at some actresses who cut off their lovely hair to go for new summer cuts, Bipasa and Yanna take the lead.

While negating all facts about her loosing her locks, Jiah is busy with her upcoming films. She is doing Ken Ghosh’s next film with Shahid and she is also working in Ghajiji with Aamir Khan. Not going by Bipasa and Yaana, who did with their hair to look all glam, this one seems to love her tresses more than that. Talk about fiery roles with hairy babes!