Sridevi expects her younger daughter Khushi to follow elder sister Jhanvi into showbiz!

That Jhanvi Kapoor is making her film debut is now certain. Her mother Sridevi has admitted that she would’ve preferred Janvi to have married and settled down instead of facing the arclights.

All eyes are now on her younger daughter Khushi. While, Sridevi is going all out to support her elder daughter, Khushi is waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, Sridevi is waiting for her daughter to tell her about her showbiz plans.

Facing the arclights
Like mom Sridevi, both her daughters seem to be drawn to the glamour world. While Janvi has picked films, Khushi seems to be inclined towards the runway. And the actress is well aware of her younger daughter’s ambition. “Yes, Khushi says she wants to get into modelling. Pehle, she wanted to become a doctor. Phir doctor se lawyer and now it’s modelling. So, I am waiting for the shock to happen.” And considering the trend that has seen many models eventually make the transition from the runway to the big screen, it will just be a small leap for the star daughter from the ramp to cinema.

Ready for the leap
The fact that Janvi will be heading to showbiz first, seems to have put the protective mother at ease. She agrees that it won’t be much of a surprise. “Woh instalment mein aa chuka hai. So yes, thanks to Janvi, we are now more comfortable with the idea of Khushi (in films) too.” Khushi knows whom to thank for laying the path for her where parental support is concerned.


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